Photos from the Premiere

Many thanks to Gary Lazorov for capturing the evening.

 04 IMG_1482
Guests and relatives Simon Loh and Diana Koh with the documentary’s director Sheena Ong and MC Russell Woolf.
 05 IMG_1485
Honoured guest Carmen Lawrence, former premiere of Western Australia & Director of UWA’s Centre for the Study of Social Change, gave a closing address.
 01 IMG_1410
Sheena Ong, documentary maker of The Humanitarian Engineer.
 06 IMG_1473
Nibbles by new caterer on the block LUANCH by Luan Nguyen at the all-ages event.
 08 IMG_1490
Mentor, friend and fellow EWB member Fletcher Young and his lovely fiancee Pip with Sheena.
 02 IMG_1467
Darren Lomman, CEO and Founder of Dreamfit Foundation, was one of the interviewees featured in the documentary.
 052 IMG_1454
Working hard behind the scenes, volunteers Phil Whyte and Tom McCleery welcome punters and friends Kat Lau and Fion Lau to the Premiere.
 07 IMG_1401
Souvenir postcards from the event.
 09 IMG_1474
Posters and flyers: an invitation to stay in touch and continue the conversation after the Premiere.
 051 IMG_1424
Guests queueing up at the event which sold out online a day in advance.

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