About The Documentary

We’ve all heard about Doctors Without Borders, and the legal profession is well known for its pro bono work. But what about engineers? What part can – and do – engineers play in humanitarian efforts?

Come on a journey to explore what it means to be a humanitarian engineer.

Strip 4

In part one, meet four humanitarian engineers working in emergency/disaster relief, community development, disability support and biomedical engineering and hear stories from the individuals and communities impacted.

Part two explores the idea that engineering is inherently humanitarian, improving society and human wellbeing – both by accident and by intention. So who are the real humanitarian engineers? And how can we measure the value of intention?

The Humanitarian Engineer is a celebration of engineering, its diversity and its power to enrich the human condition.

Strip 3

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The Humanitarian Engineer was re-released in 2015 following a grant from Engineers Without Borders Australia.