Filming Helpers

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Specific scenes were filmed by:

Michael Grebla
Kings Park narration, Perth

Rex Woodley
Interview with Danny Almagor, Melbourne

Michelle Kiew
Household footage and appropriate technology narration, Kuching

Shawn Chacko
Vox pop & Claremont foreshore narration, Perth

Filming was supported by:

Matt Arnold
Darren Lomman interview (take 1)

Bec Schwarzman
Beth Eggleston interview

Sue Ying Tan
Dinesh Jayasuriya interview

Simon Miller
Kirsten Sayers interview (take 1)

Alanta Colley
Rob Hughes interview

Jae Keem
David Thambiratnam & Kate Obermayer interviews

Liza Mills
Danny Almagor interview

James Higgins
Subiaco street scenes, Perth

Charles Qiu
Opening narration scenes, Perth